Corporate Overview

As the pioneer and technology leader in Digital Radiography, Swissray conducts its research activities and develops and manufactures its technologically advanced systems in Switzerland. The technology provides the highest quality medical radiographic images in seconds at a significantly lower cost and lower radiation dose than conventional or computed radiography because, among other factors, film, imaging plates, cassettes and chemical processing are not required. Swissray offers high quality, affordable solutions for direct digital radiography. All of Swissray's DR systems include the workflow optimized eXpert user interface with its unique fewest steps to exposure technology providing reduced patient preparation time and maximized productivity.

Swissray currently provides a full range of cutting-edge DR systems designed for any application in general radiography. Specifically designed packages for advanced imaging applications such as orthopedic, pediatric and chest radiography are also available. With years of extensive clinical experience, Swissray has collaborated with leading radiography professionals and renowned healthcare facilities across the globe to deliver the world's best digital radiography solutions.

Swissray Asia

Swissray Asia was found in 2012 to further expand the company's market in the Asia Pacific regions. In 2013, Swissray Asia launched solid sales distribution in major sales territories and established a regional training center to enhance the quality of resources. The company makes great effort in regional representation, cross marketing possibilities, and research and development in devices that are targeted to local demographic.