Superior performance delivers superior quality

The ddRFormula® is Swissray’s innovative C-arm designed digital radiography system. Featuring the exclusive APS™ –Automated Positioning System – it is the most automated DR solution in the marketplace. All system movements are motorized and software controlled resulting in total automatic functionality. The ddRFormula® features a C-arm design with the X-ray tube always centered to the detector for the fastest, most precise and convenient patient positioning. The ddRFormula® Plus version allows for convenient off-detector imaging.

Enhancing the ambience creates a positive experience

ddRArt™ is an exclusive backlit design on the front cover of the system. Artwork such as sports themes, cartoons or institutional banners can be selected or customized. ddRArt™ greatly enhances the ambience of the radiographic examination room,

More versatility for more productivity

Motorized X-ray tube rotation enables off-detector imaging on cassette-based media for the occasional patient that cannot be transferred to the imaging table. This feature is exceptionally useful with emergency room applications.

Advanced orthopedic applications

Optionally the ddRFormula® Plus can be programmed to perform advanced applications, such as the Single Focus eXpertStitching™ Function for distortion free scoliosis and long leg images. System height, collimation, required angles and number of exposures needed are automatically calculated to ensure proper image acquisition. The exclusive Stitching Studio software combines up to four images into one. It includes many features such as image blending, image pan and point to point adjustment.