The ddRAura™ S is a space efficient, multifunctional, direct digital Radiography system which performs all General Radiography examinations on recumbent, seated and upright patients with high efficiency. It is extremely compact requiring minimal space with no compromise regarding features and quality. The system includes motorized vertical arm and SID adjustment. All other system positions are achieved manually, without much effort, using the push buttons on the control handle to release the electro-magnetic locks. The X-ray tube is always centred to the detector for fastest, most precise and convenient patient positioning.

Optionally, the system can be equipped with a battery or energy assist generator which allows to operate it without the need of a 3-Phase power supply; a single phase 230 VAC / 20 A socket is sufficient.

The 43x43 cm amorphous silicon Flat Panel detector is available as built in or portable WIFI and delivers excellent diagnostic image quality with 3.5 lp/mm spatial resolution at very low radiation dose. ddRAura™ S includes an advanced 23″ multi-language acquisition console which simplifies and organizes every aspect of the radiographic procedure. Furthermore it includes remote monitoring capability to ensure highest reliability.