Designed by Densitometrists for the Non-Whole Body Clinical Setting

The Model XR-600 from Norland, at Swissray provides the clinical setting the most advanced technology for today’s in vivo assessment of bone. With a table specified for studies of individuals with a body weight of 202kg within a scan window area of 127cmX67cm this scanner accommodates the largest size range seen in non-whole body scanner marketplace. Fitted with advanced dynamic filtration technology and a pair of advanced dynamic filtration technology and a pair of advanced detectors dedicated to independently register high and low energy the Model XR-600 automatically delivers optimized studies that never experience x-ray flux starvation or saturation.Provided with optimized high and low energy count rates the XR-600 delivers swift, precise and accurate studies independent of body size and operator-based analysis. The combined independence from body size and operator-based determinations in scanning and analysis will over time deliver useful clinical studies free of doubt to the clinical community.

Applications to highlight for all XR-600 models

  • AP Spine
  • Hip
  • Research
  • Implant Studies
  • Pediatrics
  • Ten-year Fracture Risk
  • T-Score and Z-Score

XR-600 Clinical includes listed applications, plus:


XR-600 Advanced includes listed applications, plus:

-Soft Tissue Calibration