Norland at Swissray

Norland has been an innovator in the densitometry market since its founding.

1951 Company founded in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.  
1968 The Norland 178 SPA is the first commercial bone densitometer in the world. Norland 278 SPA
1978 The Norland 278 SPA is the original microprocessor controlled bone densitometer.  
1980 An enhanced version of the Norland 278 SPA is introduced, with ability to work in different scan modes.
1983 The Norland 2600 DXA unit is launched, featuring an isotope based spine, hip, and whole body scanner. XR-26 DXA
1988 Norland XR-26 DXA system featuring X-ray based spine, hip, and whole body scanner.  
1991 Norland Eclipse DXA unit, with X-ray based spine and hip studies.  
1993 Norland XR-36 DXA system utilizes dynamic filtration, which reduces scan time to one minute for AP spine and starts reporting fracture risk assessments. Norland pDXA
1994 Norland pDXA introduced, which significantly expands the clinical focus on osteoporosis assessment and treatment.  
2000 Norland XR-46 DXA pioneers fast whole body scan at five minutes.  
2007 Norland XR-600 and XR-800 DXA units released featuring Windows software, and body composition classification based on underwater equivalent equations. XR-600
2013 Swissray, a company with a strong X-ray based focus, acquires Norland.  
2016 Norland Elite, a DXA scanner that meets the needs of the bariatric and athletic markets.