Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) as an aide to traditional examination techniques has been increasing interest over the last decade. uREzpocus is the first wireless, pocket-sized, hand-held ultrasound device with high- resolution imaging, color Doppler, pulsed wave Doppler (PW), and power Doppler features.

uREzpocus Series includes 3 different probes- Linear, Concex, and Microconvex that support iOS and Android OS and are able to connet to any portable devices by WIFI or USB easily.

The wireless pocket-sized ultrasound will become next personal diagnostic tools like stethoscopy for every physician.

  uREzpocus L
uREzpocus C
uREzpocus M
uREzpocus H
5.0-10.0 2.0-5.0 3.35-8.75 1.7-3.7
Max. Depth (cm) 9.6 18.9 12 18
Fov - 60° 99° 90°
Preset ✓ default
✓ small vessels
✓ thyroid
✓ breast
✓ superficial
✓ carotid
✓ default
✓ abdomen
✓ abdomen difficult
✓ Renal
✓ OB trimester 2nd~3rd
✓ OB trimester 1st
✓ For Animal
✓ Abdomen Cardiac
Wifi 802.11b/g
Modes B-Mode, M-Mode
Color Doppler*, Pulsed Wave Doppler*, Power Doppler*
Battery Working Time 4.5 hr (depends on the setting)
Operating System IOS & Android
*        only available on advanced model
**      optional


Medical specialists:

✓ All Physicains
✓ Family physician
✓ Intrnal medicine physician
✓ Emergency medicine physician
✓ Pediatrician
✓ General surgeon
✓ Ob/gynecologist
✓ Urologist
✓ Nephrologist
✓ Neurologist
✓ Orthopedic surgeon
✓ Rehabilitation/Physiotherapy physician
✓ Anesthesiologist
✓ Otorhinolaryngologist

Other scenarios:

✓ Sport team physicians who do the diagnosis right after sport injury
✓ Voluntary medical consults in rural area
✓ Physicians who love cutting-edge technology
✓ Gifts to respectable physicians or students graduated from medical school