Swissray acquires the Norland Assets from Cooper Surgical, Inc.

The only name change will be to, “Norland, at Swissray”. Swissray plans to maintain the same manufacturing plant located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The acquisition furthers Swissray’s participation and expertise in ionizing radiation based imaging. It also signals Swissray’s strategic move to broaden its healthcare offerings. 

"Swissray operates on five continents and Norland manufacturing enhances our global capabilities and engineering strength" said Jack Lee, President and CEO of Swissray Global. "Also Swissray will build Norland’s position as the premier supplier of Bone Densitometry systems with a promise of delivering the most accurate DXA systems utilizing the lowest radiation dose in the market”. 

About Norland

For over 60 years, Norland has been the pioneer and at the forefront of Bone Density Assessment. From the original analog SPA scanners to the latest XR-600 and XR-800 DXA tables, the most accurate and reliable information in the industry has been developed by Norland. These newly designed tables are exceptionally well suited for radiology suites, diagnostic imaging centers, family practice and internal medicine offices, rheumatology and geriatric care centers, sports medicine clinics, anti-aging medicine and fat metabolic assessments.


About Swissray

For more than a fifteen years Swissray has been the pioneer and technology leader in the field of digital radiography serving thousands of health care providers and patients with innovative and cost-effective DR solutions that emphasize excellence in image quality and lower radiation dose.

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